Preview: Dunkirk


I’m counting down the seconds until I get to see Dunkirk tonight. As you may know from one of my earlier posts, Dunkirk is one of my most anticipated films of the summer. Now my list of anticipated movies has had a good start to the summer.

Spider-Man:Homecoming gave me the coming of age story I have always wanted for the series and is up there for my favorite movies of the year, while Baby Driver was exactly the type of unique and adventurous tonal heist film I wanted and expected out of Edgar Wright. Unfortunately my most anticipated summer movie, Alien:Covenant managed to frustrate me more than any movie has for a while, with its blatant lack of any resolution for the film or its predecessor, Prometheus.

I’ve done my best to avoid looking at reviews, though I know it’s been difficult to keep my expectations in check because of all the buzz among my friends. Something I really enjoyed about the build up to the Christopher Nolan directed war film was the lack of big time spoilers in the trailers. The trailer studio did a wonderful job pulling me in with the clock ticking in the background of the trailer, which immediately puts me in a tense state of mind and reminds me that time was of the essence during that incredible operation on June 4th, 1940.

I eagerly await the score of the film, given the incredible job the music from the trailer does of getting my heart pounding. The ticking clock gives way to ambient noise that perfectly encapsulates the shell shock that these men must have had. The interrupted horns added to the heartbeat percussion help to create the dark, forbidding tone I think Nolan is looking for. It sounds like Hanz Zimmer has another winner on his hands, after all he used the Inception “bwahs” again.

As I stated in my summer movie anticipation post, I believe Nolan has a great grasp of how to make an epic war film. In ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Nolan put together a memorable battle for the heart of Gotham City with another hectic score from Zimmer. Nolan and Zimmer seem to know exactly when to cut the music for ambient noise and when to kick it up in anticipation of an epic battle scene.


The action appears to be pretty realistic, with actual boats being utilized for sea scenes and practical effects appearing to be a high priority for Nolan here. I have also heard that the story is told in a kind of unorthodox manner and I am totally on board (see what I did there?) for that. To get the sence of scale for the evacuation means probably having to sacrifice some time with characters so as to evenly distribute the air, sea, and land battle that raged.

My most anticipated aspect of the film is Tom Hardy’s fighter pilot and his dogfight over the English Channel. From the glimpses of this scene from the trailers, I anticipate an almost Star Wars kind of vibe, minus the lasers of course. The battle in the sky seems to have an ominous quite about it.

Anyway, look for my review of Dunkirk soon. Fingers crossed that it’s as good as everyone is saying!



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