Trailer Review: American Satan

A Symphony for the Devil. I stumbled across an interesting new trailer today for American Satan and I must say, it has my attention. My opinion may have rose-tinted glasses because of Malcolm McDowell’s appearance as the Devil himself. I already known he’ll be my favorite part of the movie because of his regal accent […]

Trailer Review: The Monster Project

In yet another horror trailer in the lead to the fall movie season, we have a found footage movie that will probably be a guilty pleasure at best or a rancid jump-scare fest at worst. The Monster Project is a found footage film that basically looks like Outlast, but with triple the jump-scares. My God, are […]

Review: Wonder Woman

Wow! I finally got around to seeing my most anticipated DC movie ever and I was pretty satisfied with the final product. Wonder Woman is the fourth entry in the DC Cinematic Universe and the first good one! After the critical failures of Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman Dawn of Bland Characters, and Suicide […]